Testimonial #4

Want to share a personal commendation for the worship service this past Sunday. I am not normally a fan of much contemporary music because in my opinion many modern songs are not theologically accurate. However the song chosen Sunday were filled with theological truth. I loved the fact there was an emphasis on the cross. 

Dr. Ronnie Burke

Testimonial #2

"Thank you, Guns and Good Company for coming to pour into our students lives this weekend! We appreciate that you spent time getting to know our students and participated throughout the weekend rather than just showing up to lead worship. Your ministry is wonderful! So great to meet you this weekend!"

Kacie Hughes, Friendship Baptist Church, Fairview, TX

Testimonial #1

"We had Guns & Good Company come out to lead us in worship for our church's Discipleship Now (DNow) weekend for students. They were fun, professional, and talented. They brought their own equipment so our small church didn't have to worry about setting anything up. All of them have experience in Youth ministry so they actually helped us out during the week with some games. The students were always engaged when they were leading worship and had a fantastic time. Some students said that the band was their favorite part of the weekend! Overall, I was very pleased with Guns & Good Company and would recommend them highly to any church or group looking for an energetic and talented musical act!"

Connor Kraus, Runaway Bay Baptist Church

Testimonial #3

"I hired these guys to put on a Dnow for our students. From top to bottom, they were incredibly accommodating and flexible when the inevitable problems arose. They did more than play awesome music, they actually took time and played with the students. They're greater people than words can describe. Sound great. Great people. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to put on any event. I will definitely be looking their way again soon!"

Beaux Pace - FBC Coleman